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Nominations are due March 15th!

Nominations are now open for the CFAND 2024-2025 Board!


Are you looking to get more involved and help shape the future of our profession in Central Florida?

This is a great opportunity to make a difference, get involved and network with dietitians from across the area.

We are accepting nominations (self-nominations are encouraged!) through March 15th for the following positions:





Nominating Committee (2 open positions)


We are also looking for interested members for


National Nutrition Month/Historian

Legislative Chair

Communications Chair


Terms begin June 2024; most positions have a 1-year term, except Treasurer is 2 year term and President-Elect is a 3-year term with the 1st year being President-Elect, the 2nd year as President and the 3rd year as Past-President/Nominating Committee Chair.

Thanks for your submission and interest!

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